Meet's Recruiting Team

Evan Daniels - National Recruiting

After graduating in May 2007 from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Daniels signed on with, as a Basketball Recruiting Analyst. In September 2010, Daniels took the reigns as’s National Recruiting Analyst. Prior to getting picked up full time at, he worked for Prepstars and a multitude of sites on the Network. Daniels also logged experience in television news, working as an intern at CBS affiliate WLKY and as the sports anchor at Western Kentucky University's student-run news station. Daniels is a voting member of the McDonald’s All-American committee.

Rob Harrington - Recruiting

Rob Harrington is an esteemed scout and recruiting analyst with 15 years of national experience. He began his career at Prep Stars and expanded his role there to become editor of both online and print publications. During that time he became and remains a member of both the McDonald's All-American and Naismith selection committees. Prior to that, he gained experience at the professional level in game operations with the Orlando Magic. He joined the national team in 2013 and directs his coverage toward analysis and detailed scouting reports.

Brian Snow - Recruiting

Brian Snow got his start covering basketball in the state of Ohio at the local level. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in mass communications, Snow did three years of local and national coverage while working with Upon leaving the company, Snow moved to to take on a full-time national role.

Josh Gershon - Recruiting

Josh Gershon is a Basketball Recruiting Analyst based in Los Angeles and focuses on scouting and reporting on the recruitments of basketball prospects on the West Coast, while also assisting in some national evaluating and coverage for Gershon has over 10 years experience evaluating prospects and covering all aspects of the recruiting process. A well-respected talent evaluator known for his strong work ethic, Gershon has helped establish as the premier destination for West Coast Recruiting coverage.

Greg Hicks - West Coast Recruiting

One of the best pure scouts on the Internet, Hicks is based in Southern California and has been scouting and reporting on west coast recruiting for the last five years. He writes one of the premier scouting services in the west outside of the Internet and has been working on Prep West Hoops since its inception in 1998.